Westminster Scholars Program

Director: Tim Dolan

Program Description

The Westminster Scholars program allows students to complete their liberal education courses in problem based learning environments that are challenging, hands-on, and collaborative; designed to develop critical, creative, and analytical thinking.

These Scholars-designated LE courses explore real-world problems and challenge students to apply their knowledge to develop solutions. In the courses, faculty serve as mentors and facilitators and assist students as they work toward solutions independently and in teams.

Program Goals

Admissions Criteria

Incoming freshmen students who apply for the Westminster Scholars program will be ranked according to the following criteria: ACT or SAT scores, high school GPA, and the quality of a written statement or the success of their participation in a problem-based learning exercise on Admitted Student Day. The top twenty students will be invited to join the Westminster Scholars program. In addition, applications for the Scholars program will be accepted in mid October and February of each year. Continuing Westminster students and transfer students who are interested in joining the program are welcome to submit applications at those times. Questions concerning the application process should be directed to the Westminster Scholars program director.

Distinctions and Benefits

Criterion For Earning a Westminster Scholars Designation on Transcript

Students must successfully complete five of the required LE courses in Westminster Scholars designated courses. These courses may not be taken credit/no credit.

Westminster Scholars Designated LE Courses and Suggested Course Trajectory

  Fall Semester Spring Semester
Freshman Year Learning Community
INTR 100
MGMT 205
PSYC 105
SPCH 111
Sophomore Year REL 101 ENGL 220
MATH 150