2011 - 2012 Liberal Education Requirements

The liberal education program at Westminster College is designed to foster in students those values and intellectual skills that are necessary as a foundation for learning and to provide students with experience in the academic disciplines of the liberal arts. The following college-wide goals form the core of liberal education courses and are reinforced across the curriculum in major areas of study:

The following course requirements are established for all students seeking an undergraduate degree. Students must earn a grade of CR or C- or above in liberal education coursework to fulfill graduation requirements.

Learning Community
All full-time freshmen will be required to complete one Learning Community. See Degree Requirements for more information. .
Writing and other Communication Skills 7
Basic English Composition 4
ENGL 110 Composition and Research (4)--strong emphasis on composition and basic information literacy--Taken in first year .
Information Literacy 0
Information Literacy (new workshop required for students who have not taken ENGL 110 at Westminster College) .
Basic Speech Course 3
SPCH 111 Public Presentations (3) .
Courses with strong emphasis on critical, analytical, and integrative thinking in historical, literary, and philosophical contexts.
History (choose one course) 3-4
HIST 112 Western Civilization (3)
HIST 113 Western Civilization (3)
HIST 212 World History to 1500 (4)
HIST 213 Modern World History (4)
HIST 220 United States History (3)
Literature 4
ENGL 220 Introduction to Literature (4) .
Philosophy/Religion (choose one course) 3-4
PHIL 100/100D Introduction to Philosophy (3)
PHIL 102 Critical Thinking (4)
PHIL 206/206D Introduction to Ethics (3)
REL 101 Religions of the World (3)
Courses with strong emphasis on creative and reflective capacities.
Creative Arts (choose one course) 1-3
ART 101 Beginning Drawing (2)
ART 103 Beginning Painting (2)
ART 148 Fundamentals of Pottery (3)
ART 180 Photography (3)
MUSC 115/315 Westminster Chorale (1)
MUSC 125/325 Westminster Jazz Combo (1)
MUSC 135/335 Westminster Chamber Orchestra (1)
MUSC 145/345 Westminster Chamber Singers (1)
THTR 127 Stagecraft (2)
THTR 129 Costumes and Makeup (2)
THTR 180 Acting (2)
THTR 228 Beginning Theatre Workshop (2)
THTR/HPW 230 Beginning Dance and Movement (2)
Arts Survey (choose one course) 3-4
ART 110 Survey of Art (3)
FILM 110 Introduction to Film History and Aesthetics (4)
MUSC 109 Music Appreciation (4)
MUSC 110 Survey of Western Art Music (3)
THTR 124 Survey of the Theatre (3)
Courses with strong emphasis on critical, analytical, and integrative thinking in mathematical and scientific contexts.
Mathematics (choose one course) 2-4
MATH 120 Quantitative Reasoning (4)
MATH 141 College Algebra (4)
MATH 142 Trigonometry (2)
MATH 150 Elementary Statistics (4)
MATH 201 Calculus I (4)
MATH 201B Calculus for Life Sciences (4)
Physical Sciences (choose one course) 3-4
CHEM 103 Introduction to Chemistry (4)
CHEM 106 Chemistry and Society (3)
ESS 110 Introduction to Geology (3)
PHYS 102 Introduction to the Physical Universe (3)
PHYS 104 Explorations in Science (4)
Life Sciences (choose one course) 3
BIOL 110 Environmental Biology (3)
BIOL 131 Human Genetics (3)
Social Sciences
Courses with strong emphasis on global consciousness, social responsibility, and ethical awareness in a social science context.
Social Sciences I (choose one course) 4
ECON 105 Introduction to Economics as a Social Science (4)
ECON 253 Elementary Macroeconomics (4)
JUST 101 Introduction to Justice Studies (4)
PLSC 101 Introduction to Political Science (4)
PLSC 121 American National Government (4)
Social Science II (choose one course) 4
ANTH 160 Introduction to Anthropology (4)
ANTH 252 Cultural Anthropology (4)
PSYC 105 Introduction to Psychology (4)
SOC 105 Introduction to Sociology (4)
SOC 253 Sociology of the Family (4)
Living Arts
Courses with a strong emphasis on real world, life-enhancing knowledge.
Living Arts (choose one course) 2-4
CMPT 100 The Information Age: Society, Computers, and You (3)
EDUC 201 Discovering Creativity thrgh Multiple Intelligences (2)
EDUC 205 Service Learning in Salt Lake (2)
FINC 210 Personal Finance (3)
HPW 156 Exploring Wasatch Mountain Paths (2)
HPW 220 Fitness for Life (2)
HPW 250 Fitness for Life (2)
HPW 260 Psychological Aspects of Well-Being (2)
MGMT 110 Historical Traditions of Business and Entrep. (4)
MGMT 205 Leadership Development (2)
PSYC 330 Interpersonal Communication Skills (3)
Diversity (choose one course)
Courses which meet the diversity requirement integrate two or more of the following categories as a major component throughout the course: class, gender, race, ethnicity, geographic origin, ability, age, sexual orientation and/or religion. Specific required, graded assignments will be used to assess students' understanding of the diversity categories emphasized in the course.

It is expected that courses meeting the diversity requirement will also fulfill an LE, a major, or a minor requirement and therefore will be drawn from courses already in the existing course rotation. Other courses may be developed and added to this list.
ANTH 160 Introduction to Anthropology (4)
ANTH 252 Cultural Anthropology (4)
ANTH 311 Human Evolution and Archeology (4)
ANTH 322 Myth, Magic, and the Supernatural (4)
ANTH 355 Indian Peoples in the U.S. (4)
ANTH 366 Political Anthropology (4)
COMM 360 Race, Gender, Class & the Media (3)
ECON 311 History of Economic Thought (4)
ECON 420 Labor Relations Economics (4)
EDUC 320 Education in a Diverse Society (3)
ENGL 339A Queer Theory (4)
ENGL 356A U.S. Minority Literature (4)
FINC 435 International Finance (4)
GNDR 100 Intro to Gender Studies (4)
HIST 212 World History to 1500 (4)
HIST 316 The Civil War through 1890 (3)
HIST 319 American Women's History (3)
HON 222 Science, Power and Diversity (4)
MGMT 490 International Management (4)
MKTG 340 International Marketing (4)
NURS 408 Community Health Nursing (6)
PHIL 100D Introduction to Philosophy, diversity emphasis (3)
PHIL 206D Introduction to Ethics, diversity emphasis (3)
PSYC 105D Introduction to Psychology, diversity emphasis (4)
PSYC 335 Psychology of Women (4)
PSYC 420 Community Psychology (4)
REL 101 Religions of the World (3)
SOC 105 Introduction to Sociology (4)
SOC 253 Sociology of the Family (4)
SOC 305 Contemporary Issues (4)
SOC 372 Race, Ethnicity, and Class (4)
(taking full advantage of double-dipping)
39-49 credits

Fulfilling Liberal Education Skills Requirements

Meeting Mathematics Requirements

The following guidelines are used in determining when students have met mathematics requirements. (Students without ACT or SAT scores or students who are unsure about mathematics placement must contact the START Center for placement testing.)

ACT Score

SAT Score

Course Placement

19 or less or 470 or less Take MATH 095 or take placement test
Take MATH 105 or take placement test
23-27 or 530-610 MATH 105 is waived. Take MATH 120, 141, or 150
28 or above or 620 or above MATH 141 is waived

Students may fulfill the requirement through:

Placement in English

The following guidelines determine in which level of English coursework a student should enroll.

AP Test


Course Placement

English Language/Comp 4 or 5 Fulfills ENGL 110
English Literature/Comp 4 or 5 Fulfills ENGL 110 & ENGL 220

ACT Test

SAT Score

Course Placement

20 or above or 490 or above ENGL 110
19 or below or 480 or below ENGL 098

The following guidelines determine in which level of English coursework an international student who is a non-native English speaker should enroll.

TOEFL ibt Written Expression Score

Course Placement

28 or above
27 or above
ENGL 110
ESL 140 or ENGL 098

Test of Written English (TWE) Score

Course Placement

5.0 or above
4.5 or below
ENGL 110
ESL 140 or ENGL 098

IELTS Writing Score

Course Placement

6.5 or above
6.0 or above
ENGL 110
ESL 140 or ENGL 098

Basic Speech Requirement

Passing SPCH 111 satisfies the basic speech requirement in the Writing and other Communication Skills category. A student with prior formal speech and presentations coursework may be eligible to have the basic speech requirement waived. Any waiver of the basic speech requirement will require an interview with the chair of the Speech/Theatre Program and the delivery of a specifically assigned presentation in front of a designated audience that satisfactorily demonstrates the student's proficiency. Competence must be shown in two speaking formats: informative and persuasive. The request for a waiver of the basic speech requirement must be made, with no exceptions, at least one semester prior to the semester in which the student plans to graduate. The requirement may be challenged only one time; the challenge process occurs only once per (Fall or Spring) semester. More information and the form is available in the Start Center.

Fulfilling Foreign Language Requirements

Foreign Language requirements are listed as part of the major requirements for each major (see individual academic program listings). Most majors require one of the following two options:

Eight credit hours in one of the following ways:

Students who are bi-lingual (native proficiency) are exempt from this requirement but must meet with language faculty to receive a waiver. Effective Fall 1994, Westminster faculty approved American Sign Language for foreign language credit.

Students with some high school language experience who are unsure of proper foreign language placement should arrange for an interview with the professor in the respective language program.