Grading System

Westminster uses the following grades for the mid-semester and semester grade reports:

Letter Grade Grade Points Per Credit Hour
A, A- Excellent
B+, B, B- Above Average
C+, C, C- Average
D+, D, D- Poor
F Failure
CR Credit
NC No Credit
W Withdrawn
WF Withdrawn Failing
AU Audit
I Incomplete
T Temporary
EX Exceeds Project Standards (PBBA)
M Meets Project Standards (PBBA)
DN Does Not Meet Project Standards (PBBA)

Grades of NC, W, AU, T, and I yield no credit toward graduation and are not computed in the grade point average.

Grades of NC or I may not be used to replace any previous grade for a course.

“T” grades are intended to be a short-term, temporary grade to clear the registration for a given term and should only be used for senior projects, graduate or undergraduate thesis work, flight training courses, continuing registration coursework, and internships that require a very short extension only. “T” grades should be resolved and replaced with regular grades within one week of the end of the term except in the case of flight training courses. “T” grades are not intended to take the place of an incomplete grade when the student meets the criteria for an incomplete (see page 87) and should not be used for regular coursework when the student has failed to take a final examination or turn in final coursework that would otherwise result in a lowered grade.