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Competency-Based Learning


At Westminster College, we offer a variety of online certificate and degree programs that are designed with the specific needs of working professionals in mind.  These programs offer you the all the benefits of Westminster education—high-quality, relevant curriculum and face-to-face interactions with faculty and follow learners—together with the flexibility and convenience of an online program. Our programs engage you in real-world projects and assignments that integrate with your workplace responsibilities and career aspirations— and they are fully customizable to your interests.


What makes Westminster’s online programs different?


Westminster’s online professional programs are competency-based. Simply stated, competency-based education is an approach to curriculum development that is based on a predetermined set of knowledge, skills, and abilities—“competencies”—that the student is expected to accomplish before progressing. Westminster’s competency-based programs go a step beyond by combining that principle with our commitment to academic excellence centered on the student.


Many of Westminster’s competency-based programs are also project-based. This means you’ll learn by putting theory into practice in a real-world environment—giving you understanding that goes far beyond memorized facts to internalized knowledge and expertise. You’ll do more than get ‘A’s and ‘B’s, you’ll become an expert in the skill sets you need to build your future.


Westminster’s competency-based programs offer one-on-one faculty mentoring to guide you through your learning experience. Westminster faculty are experts in their fields and they will be your educational “tour guides”—their mission is your success. Mentors guide your learning process, offer support, and evaluate your progress. They will ensure that you master every competency at the highest level and that you graduate an expert, ready to move up in your desired career path.


Westminster’s competency-based programs are centered on the student and offer an education that is personalized for you, your goals, and your interests. Your mentor will help you tailor your projects to your personal learning goals and help you meet the competencies of each project. They will encourage you to dive deep and explore beyond the curriculum to build the knowledge most relevant to you and your career aspirations.



Competency-Based Programs