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UCC Service Learning Honorees


Utah Campus Compact Service Learning Honorees

Each year, Westminster College and Utah Campus Compact join together to honor and recognize one dedicated faculty member, one student humanitarian, and one committed community partner in their strides to promote and use service learning. Each institution of higher education takes part in this annual celebration of those members who have shown a passion and dedication to service and service learning. Westminster College is proud to honor this year's recipients and also acknowledge our past honorees.


  • Faculty: Robyn Hyde
  • Staff: Jaimi Butler
  • Student: Maricarmen Rendon
  • Community Partner: Hser Ner Moo


  • Faculty: Shamby Polychronis
  • Staff: Rebecca Richard
  • Student: Jerika Michel
  • Community Partner: Friendship Manor



  • Faculty/ Staff Members: Christy Seifert, Communications and Jan Saeed, Spiritual Life
  • Student: Amanda Ruiz
  • Community Partner: Juvenile Justice Services


  • Faculty/Staff Members: Cassie Powers, Psychology and Kerry Case, Environmental Center
  • Student: Ashley Pederson
  • Community Partner: East High School


  • Faculty/Staff Members: Bill Bynam, Mathematics and Aimee Frost, Student Life
  • Student: Raquel Gabbitas
  • Community Partner: Hawthorne Elementary


  • Faculty/Staff Member: Janet Dynak, Education
  • Students: Kayla Smith, Kirsten McGann, Jessica Shurtleff
  • Community Partner: Big Brothers Big Sisters


  • Faculty/Staff Member: Jerry Van Os, Accounting
  • Student: Casey Rasch
  • Community Partner: Discovery Gateway


  • Faculty/Staff Member: Ty Harrison, Biology
  • Student: Lynnette
  • Community Partner: SPLORE


  • Faculty/Staff Member: Cinday Akana, Campus Ministry
  • Student: Tyler Jensen


  • Faculty/Staff Member: Peter Ingle, Education
  • Student: Laura Summers


  • Faculty/Staff Member: Georgie Donavin, English