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Computer Science

Why Study Computer Science?

Computers are everywhere and a computer science degree from Westminster College prepares you for a variety of job opportunities in the high-tech industry, business, financial services, and health care just to name a few. The expected growth in opportunities for those with computer science degrees is staggering: by 2020 there are expected to be 1 million more jobs than those with degrees in computer science!

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Why Choose Westminster's Program?

The Computer Science curriculum at Westminster is a synergistic blend of theory and practical experience.  Our classes are small, which allow an unusually high degree of personal attention in the classroom, as well as interaction with other students. In addition to teaching all classes, your full-time professors will also serve as your academic and career advisors. Our curriculum is broad and challenging, and prepares you for a future in the ever-changing technological landscape.

Juniors and seniors are also encouraged to pursue internships that can count towards degree requirements. Internships provide a chance to work in a real-world setting and learn to function efficiently within an organizational environment. Students have completed internships at several companies local to the Salt Lake Valley including Overstock, Sample Minded, and Jive Communications.  

Upon graduation, Westminster computer science graduates typically pursue employment as software developers and engineers, although others pursue opportunities such as system architects, as well as database and network administrators. A smaller number of our graduates pursue graduate school as well. Over the past several years, Westminster computer science graduates have a 100% employment rate, working in the technology industry at either local technology companies or larger, global companies including Google, Goldman Sachs, and Cisco.

What Else?

The Computer Science program offers an academic major leading to a B.S. degree, as well as an academic minor and minor in applied computing.  All courses are offered during the evenings. However, all lower-division courses and a selection of upper-division courses are also offered during the day.


Not all Computer Science courses are offered every year. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with Computer Science faculty to plan their course schedules. For Computer Science course offerings and sample plan of studies, please click here.