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Customized Major

Highly motivated and creative students may propose individualized programs of study that combine insights, information, and methods from several traditional disciplines.

Customized majors may focus on historical periods, key ideas, enduring questions, and/or new problems. For instance, a student might study Modernism in history, literature, art, and music; or they might explore the ideas of freedom and responsibility in philosophy, sociology, and political science; or they might combine insights from environmental studies, communications, and education to investigate the challenge of teaching ecological literacy.

Potential concentrations include such fields as Aging Studies, Arts Finance, Disability Studies, Environmental Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Marketing, Medical Ethics, Music Therapy, New Media Studies, Postmodern Studies, Spanish Teaching, Sustainable development, Urban Education, Water Studies, and more.

A Customized Major must consist of at least fifty credit hours of courses from two or more academic departments or programs. This curriculum must be unified by a solid conceptual framework that reflects both breadth and depth of inquiry. There must be a demonstrable relation to the student's career or educational objectives. The program must culminate in an integrative capstone project or thesis.