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UTA Transit Pass

FREE UTA Premium Transit Pass

Who gets a pass?  Westminster provides free transit passes to all students actively taking courses, working, or living on campus.  Student passes are only active during terms in which students are enrolled in classes, working as a student employee, and/or living in campus housing.  If you are not enrolled for classes, working as a student employee, or living on campus in May or Summer term, your pass will be deactivated for that term.  All faculty and staff currently employed by the college are also provided passes.

How do I get a pass? UTA Premium Transit Passes are available for FREE to all current Westminster College students, faculty, and staff. Instead of a separate UTA pass card, all Westminster ID cards issued after 2010 can be activated or deactivated as UTA passes.  No additional action is required to use your ID as a transit pass.

How do I use my pass?  Simply tap your Westminster ID on the electronic card reader located on or near the bus, TRAX, or train as you get on and again AS YOU EXIT.  Failure to tap on AND OFF can result in a ticket for you and significant added expense to Westminster, which pays for every trip taken by our riders.

Can I use my pass to ride TRAX and/or FrontRunner for free?
Yes. Westminster chose to provide a premium UTA pass, so your activated Westminster ID will allow you to ride all UTA buses, TRAX, FrontRunner commuter rail, and express buses. The pass is NOT good on the ski buses or Park City express bus.

Can I use my pass to ride the ski buses for free?
No, the pass is not an acceptable form of payment for any local ski bus services.

How do I figure out how which bus to take and when? UTA's website has an online Trip Planner. Just enter your starting and ending locations and time and it will generate your route options. You can also pick up maps and schedules at the Concierge Desk in Shaw.

Which UTA routes stop at campus?  UTA route 220 stops on 1300 East at campus and connects to Trax at the University of Utah and Highland Drive to the south.  Route 17 stops on campus along 1700 South and runs between the 2100 South Trax station and the University of Utah.  Find other nearby routes online at

Where can I get a transit schedule/map?  These are available at the Concierge Desk in Shaw Student Center or online at

Will UTA have access to my personal information?
No. Other than being able to identify you has a Westminster pass holder, UTA will not be able to track you or your travels.

What if I lose my Westminster ID?
Please notify staff at the Eccles Center desk as soon as possible. You will need to pay for a replacement ID.

Why isn't my card working? If your card is getting a red light when tapping on/off the buses or Trax, submit your problem to UTA at  If your card does not trigger a red or green light when tapping, you will need a replacement card (available from the reception desk in HWAC).  Do not store Westminster ID cards next to any other cards with tap capability.