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ellipsis 1996 spring

Ellipsis 1996 Spring


Laura Treacy Bentley - Keepsake
Marilyn Bushman-Carlton - Cheat Grass
Maureen Clark - Evidence of Drowning
John Trevett Allen III - Untraveled Landscapes
Chris Ames - A Dutch Elm in Normandy
Gay Brewer - Gloss Notes on a Kitchen Scene
Earl Coleman - Solar System
Robert Cooperman - Larger Than Life
Maxine Hanks - Disillusioned at the Movies
Rod Farmer - Red Ships
Becca Hensley - To Shangri_La
Philip Heldrich - A Capella
William Jolliff - Diurnal
Katie Kingston - Indolence
Laurinda Lind - Hoopsteeled
Lyn Lifshin - Statue of a Running Girl
Dawn Marano - Deer in Dry Creek, Dusk
Jan C. Minich - How My Children Die
Jan C. Minich - Skeleton Woman
Michael Gregg Michaud - About David Vermette
Sage Moses - Human Potential
Marilyn J. Paganelli - Ride of Art
Mary Ann Rockwell - Good for Kneading
Paul Swenson - Inversion
Jon Snyder - Winter Forest
Mary Ann Ward - Vacuum-Packed Peanuts
Martha Zweig - Precedent

Short Fiction

Fred Fogo - Why There Are Whorehouses
Sean Brendan-Brown - Garden of the Poets
Diane Farrington - Life Raft
Diane Farrington - Contributor Notes

Visual Art

Stephan Bailey - Blue Light Special
Jared Barnard - Toe Jam
Jared Barnard - Church Through a Bridge
James Baxter - A Concerned Deity
Courtney Pope - Mind's Eye
Paul Jones - Saltair
Cindy Fletcher - Shadows
Catherine Shadis - Corn Maidens