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Types of Conference Presentations

Session Formats

If you are interested in submitting a proposal we are looking to have several types of session formats from which to choose: practical approaches, research/project presentations, and facilitated discussions.

Practical approaches (50 minute sessions)

These sessions focus on providing participants with examples, models, materials, and more,  that facilitate student learning relevant to portfolios. Session leaders should plan on modeling active and experiential learning models in the session. The participants should plan on being engaged and active learners who can readily apply the sessions’ content to their own situations.

Research/project presentations (50 minute sessions)

These sessions focus on providing participants with specific information about a project or topic relevant to the development of portfolio learning in a class, program or organization. Session leaders may use a variety of methods for sharing the information. Participants should plan on learning about the topic with time set aside for questions and answers.

Student Facilitated Portfolio Demonstrations (75- 90 minute sessions)

These sessions focus on providing members with an example to see how students tackle difficult issues/topics through individual portfolios. Sessions may use a variety of formats- debates, panel presentations, small group discussions, etc. Sessions should provide all audience members with an opportunity to discuss/think about the topic.