Christina Della Iacono

A Las Vegas native, Christina came to Westminster to pursue a degree in Neuroscience – a decision that has definitely paid off.

A member of both Westminster’s honors program and the McNair program (one of the best decisions she’s made!), Christina has immersed herself knee-deep in research, working with Dr. Brian Avery and presenting their findings at UC Berkeley’s McNair Summer Research Symposium. She’s even been a member of the Honors and Neuroscience Faculty Search Committee for two years and has received a number of writing awards from Westminster’s Honors program.

Her collegiate achievements are not only academic, but extracurricular: she’s even ventured to Ireland with the Westminster Chamber Singers.

Christina credits Neuroscience and Psychology professors at Westminster for their dedication and passion to both their field and their students: “I'm incredibly grateful for the professors I've had here; they have made my experience. I also owe a lot of thanks to those involved with the Honors program and the McNair program. So many people have significantly impacted me during my time here. Special thanks to Mary Jo Hinsdale, Lesa Ellis, and Brian Avery for being there during my most vulnerable moments.”

After being accepted to five of the most prestigious Neuroscience PhD programs in the country, Christina has decided to make the move to Eugene, Oregon after graduation to begin the Neuroscience PhD program at the University of Oregon – all expenses paid.

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