Kendra Black 
Major: Communication 
Hometown: St. George, Utah 
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Born in Victorville, California and raised in St. George, Utah, Kendra Black is a bilingual (Spanish) communication major that rocked The Forum as their Production Manager. She went to three CMA/ACP conferences with The Forum where she participated in design workshops and networked with fellow college journalists and designers from around the country - Louisville Kentucky, Orlando, Florida and Chicago. At the last two conferences, The Forum won 2nd and 3rd place in the “Best of Show” award for their category.

Kendra has been able to freelance with small businesses in the Salt Lake area. She designed logos and branding packages for a small business called Passion on the Kitchen Table, which is dedicated to helping individuals and families with ideas and resources on restoring love and passion through shared meals.

During her time at Westminster, she completed two internships: Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) and Social Marketing Consultants/Promise SSL (SMC). As a communication intern for UMOCA, she updated their social media and participated in weekly “Work of the Week” posts. She also successfully transitioned followers from their old Facebook page to their new Facebook page, which added over 1,000 likes to their new page. Because Kendra can read, speak, and write Spanish, she was able to translate publications into Spanish and took on their other design projects. She developed a marketing plan to help SMC reach the Hispanic Community more effectively.

Drawn to discovering new places and learning about new cultures, Kendra has done a lot of travel during the summer. She goes to Spain every year and spends time with grandparents and her friends that live there. Last year, she visited the Guggenheim Museum and saw the Guernica painting. This past summer, she did a road trip where she visited Boston, New York City, Washington D.C., Nashville, Asheville, Memphis, Santa Fe and Moab, for the first time.

Enjoying pleasant warm days in The Commons and having conversations with her classmates are just part of Kendra’s favorite memories at Westminster. “I will also have memories of being in The Forum’s office, the DUNGEON, and creating each issue with the music blasting and goofing off with my coworkers. Love that. I also loved Lagoon Day because theme parks bring out the little kid in me, and I'm definitely an adrenaline junkie.”

Kendra’s advisors at Westminster recognized her eye for design and helped her make connections with businesses and professionals who needed their design projects completed. She was able to gain hands-on professional experience that prepared her to enter the work force with confidence. By networking through Westminster and the design community, Kendra learned more information about her career and was able to effortlessly obtain freelance jobs and internship opportunities.

After graduating from Westminster, Kendra is making a road trip out to Lollapalooza in Chicago, then “mini” road trips throughout the summer to California, Seattle, the Grand Canyon, and more. After hitting the road, she is going to Korea for a year to teach English as a Second Language. She will likely be visiting Spain a few more times before she begins her career on the west coast.

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