Eric McCurdie

Major: Marketing Minors: French, Music
Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado

Eric McCurdie came from Fort Collins, Colorado and immersed himself into Westminster’s campus culture with the Ice Hockey Club, the Westminster Chamber Orchestra, and the Ski and Snowboard club. He was concert master of the chamber orchestra, a member of the Westminster Ice Hockey team (run through the Ice Hockey club) and he played in a county adult league this past year.

During his freshman year, he participated in a service project at East High School and was also a math tutor for the students. He loved how the experience got high school students excited about going to college. 

Last summer, he interned for a company out of Park City called Soul Poles which specialized in bamboo ski poles. It was a tremendous experience that gave Eric an idea about what it is like to work in a small company. He has also taken two May Term trips, both were incredible. During his sophomore year, he took his first trip to France. “It was an amazing experience, but the best part about the trip was that I could use the credit I earned towards my French minor! The year after, I went on a trip to Germany, Austria, and Italy where we learned about the Nuremburg trials and other events that forced Nazi officials to leave Germany to avoid prosecution after WWII,” he said.

It was hard for Eric to choose just a few things that he loved about Westminster because everything has been beyond his expectations: “The two May Term trips I went on were amazing, and both were experiences I will never forget. I loved being in the orchestra and playing in our concert hall. In my opinion, it is one of the best places on campus, and being able to play with the orchestra for three and a half years was a lot of fun.”

He recently secured a job for after graduation at a company in downtown Salt Lake City called Orange Legal Technologies, which is a technology company that provides law firms and corporations both technology and services to conduct electronic discovery on the front end of the litigation process. 

Eric feels like the classes at Westminster did more than teach him about “marketing, music, French, or whatever else I was studying. I feel they helped prepare me for real-world situations because we were very active in class by asking and answering questions, and doing group projects.”


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