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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

According to U.S. News and World Report Westminster has been listed as a "Best Value" for public and private colleges and universities in the western U.S. for "quality education at a reasonable cost."


Westminster currently has students from all levels of family incomes, and 98 percent of our students who apply receive some form of financial aid. In fact, the average financial aid package last year was well over $12,000. Compared to state schools the Westminster price tag can be higher; however, since most of our students receive considerable grants and scholarships the Westminster price is often only slightly more than state schools and well worth the difference. Visit our applications page to see how to get started with our application process. If you have questions or if you'd like to set up a campus visit to meet one-on-one with a financial aid counselor, you're welcome to call us at 801-832-2500 or e-mail us. It's our job to make Westminster affordable for every student.

Undergraduate Expenses
Tuition and Fee Schedule

2004-2005-Tuition $18,192
-Fees $290
-Room and Board (double room, full meal) $5,636
-Room and Board (single room, full meal) $6,306

2005-2006- Tuition $19,730

-Fees $290

-Room and Board (double room, full meal) $5,636

-Room and Board (single room, full meal) $6,629


We know that potential graduate students are looking for a valuable investment for their time and money. At Westminster, we believe that individual attention, small classes, and dedicated faculty may not be cheap, but they certainly should be affordable. Investing in a solid graduate program is a long-term investment in your career and future and should be considered carefully. Our Financial Aid Office is available to discuss feasible payment options and to help make Westminster affordable for you. We offer help with the following:
-Federal loans (must fill out a FAFSA)
-Employer reimbursement-Payment Plans

Graduate ExpensesTuition and Fee Schedule

-Tuition: $732 per credit hour

2005-2006 -Tuition: $761 per credit hour