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Great Salt Lake (GSL) is a unique, understudied, and underestimated national landmark. As one of the extreme ecosystems of the world, where life is tested to its limits, GSL provides new territory for exploration, learning and stewardship. We invite you to join with us in our quest to understand the lake and all that it offers.



Spiral Jetty Community Day - October 3, 2015

Great Salt Lake Institute invites our friends, family and community (you!) to come meet us at Spiral Jetty from 10 - 2 on Saturday October 3, 2015.  This community day of art and science will be run with our partners at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts.  Please come explore the landscape, create art, learn about the science of Great Salt Lake and talk to some of our outstanding students and lake experts.  We would love to show you what Great Salt Lake Institute does in the place we do it best!

How do you get there and what should you bring?

Directions and suggested supplies can be found here.  Remember it takes over 2 hours to reach Spiral Jetty and the trip is done best with people you like, lots of water, food for the day, sunscreen, camera and a roll of toilet paper.  Great Salt Lake is prone to extremes, it is usually warmer or colder that the city and layering clothing works best so you can fully explore the landscape.  Bring extra shoes in case you are inspired to dip your toes in the super salty pink water!  The last stretch of road to Spiral Jetty is dirt but passable in any vehicle.

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