Students exploring the water in the Great Salt Lake Website
About Great Salt Lake Institute

The Great Salt Lake Institute (GSLI) is dedicated to supporting research, education, and stewardship of our unique Great Salt Lake.

We accomplish our mission by:
  • Enhancing student learning through research and scholarship in all disciplines.
  • Fostering inter-institutional research collaborations
  • Providing K-12 teachers field experiences, curriculum and professional development
  • Facilitating dialogue on the compatibility of lake industry and ecosystem health
  • Engaging the local community by providing opportunities for interaction with the lake.
  • Creating networks and partnerships in lake research, scholarship, education, recreation, commerce, and stewardship. 

"Too many people have talked about what the lake should be and what the lake should do for us, but so very few have ever stopped to listen to what the lake is. Those who do almost invariably fall deeply in love with this shallow lake that speaks a special language." - Ella Sorensen, 1997