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Generous Grant to Help Kick-off B.R.I.N.E

The W.M. Keck Foundation awarded us a $250,000 grant to support Building Research, Innovation, and Novel Experimentation (BRINE). Read the full press release.
One project that falls under BRINE is our research on the mercury levels in spiders that live at Great Salt Lake. Check out the coverage we got in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Research Updates

Late April 2012

BRINE researcher Jim Goodman shot these images in late April 2012. He is a Westminster student working on the spider project mentioned above. As part of an eight month analysis, Jim and other students are continuing to collect black and brown spiders. On this trip they went out to Utah Lake to collect specimens that they will compare to the ones they collect at Great Salt Lake.

Utah Lake

Can you make out the tiny white ball near the center of this photo? It's a spider egg mass!

Black Widow Spider

April 1, 2012

BRINE researcher Jim Goodman and Jeff Collins went to Great Salt Lake to collect samples.
 sample gathering materials
Materials used to gather samples from the lake.
Look closely. Can see the spider in this picture? These ones like to burrow in to the ground.
student in great salt lake
Jeff Collins dropping cinder blocks in the lake. Hopefully these will be colonized by brine fly larva.