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  • Average class size: 20
  • Average professional experience: 5.5 years
  • Average age: 33
  • Women: 41%

Program Overview

Start Date: May, August, and January

  • New classes start every seven weeks.

Program Duration:

  • MBA, PMBA, and MBATC: 2–2.5 years
  • MAcc: 1 year


  • Tuition includes all books, fees, networking events, printing, and parking.
  • Tuition is locked for five years once enrolled.
  • MBA, PMBA, and MBATC: 39 credits* - $1,373/credit – $53,547
    Tuition also includes 10-day international context tour
  • MAcc: 30 credits* - $1,000/credit - $30,000

*Merit scholarships and loans are available



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From the Students


The knowledge I gained and applied on the job helped me to gain visibility and get promoted in the organizations that I worked for during the time I was attending Westminster. - Shelisa Payne (MBA)


The program's greatest impact has been the relationships I've developed with other professionals and faculty. No online university or overgrown school could have delivered the same close-knit quality experience. The program isn't just a set of classes but a kind of life-long membership in an exclusive community of high caliber individuals. Those relationships have enriched my life and continue to open doors. In retrospect, it's hard to imagine a better investment. - Nathan Brock (MBATC)


The MBA is about self-discovery, networking, and crafting a personal learning plan that makes sense for your career or entrepreneurial goals. Professors and business mentors at Westminster are ready and interested in helping craft this type of individualized learning. Westminster is the only school in the Intermountain West that provides this type of MBA. I was not interested in moving lock step through a prescriptive program toward some uninteresting large-company job; I wanted a clear and high quality return on my investment shaped around my interests and career growth. Westminster created that experience. - Brian Wierman (MBA)


I have had an amazing experience in the MBA program at Westminster College. The biggest impact has come from a combination of the breadth of experience brought to the classroom by fellow classmates along with the specific knowledge base that is delivered by the exceptional professors. As a result of these two collaborative influences in each classroom setting, I have gained a tremendous understanding of effective business operations across all departments. - Andy Yorkin (MBA)


The thing that impacted me most from my experience at Westminster was the collaborative nature of the classes. I was in a small class, so we worked and learned together instead of listening to the professor lecture. I feel like this better prepared me for teamwork in the workplace and helped me develop a professional relationship with my peers, which I have maintained after graduation. - Lauren VanOs (MAcc)