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Donghua-Westminster Global MBA Faculty









Because at Westminster College, we believe that how you learn is as important as what you learn, our GMBA faculty includes highly-qualified full-time professors of business from both Donghua University and Westminster College.

Faculty members are not only leading courses  in the GMBA program.  They are also acting as your personal coach, helping you where and when you need it.  When you are working on a project, you use electronic learning resources and the individual assistance of your coach to help you master the learning.

Each project sequence requires a 2-day on campus residency (held on Saturday and Sunday), in which you learn with your peers and Faculty Members, working on projects, learning about aspects of leadership, completing simulations, and practicing the business principals you are learning.

GMBA faculty are full-time Faculty Members from both Westminster College and Donghua University.  These Faculty Members are considered as experts in their fields, and have distinguished records of research and teaching excellence.