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Check in Procedures

Checking in and other information...

  1. Registration begins 30 minutes prior to your first session at the NE entrance to Dumke Field or in the lobby of the Health, Wellness and Athletics Center, (just north of the field.)

  2. Camp & Clinic Registration Checklist.
    Thank you for coming to join us this summer. We are excited to have our camps grow every year and we strive to run a well organized operation that focuses on safety and instruction while having fun with the sport we all love. Toward that end we’ve created a Registration checklist to help you register for one of our Griffin Lacrosse Camps this summer.

    Note: If you want to register for a "clinic" AND a "camp," you'll need to register separately for these events!

    1a. ___Register for the Camp,

    1b. ___Register for the Clinic.

    2. ____Register for Housing & Airport PU/Drop Off. If needed. Airport pickup and drop off service is also arranged with this link. (This is a separate process from the camp registration which you may have already accomplished.) Overnight arrangements are only offered for the Elite Camp, Elite clinics and the All Defense Camp! Griffin Junior camps and clinics do not offer an overnight option.

    3. ____Directions to Campus. Please park under the field and use the north east stairs.


  3. Please remember to bring all your FORMS with you to the check in!!!

  4. Click on the Forms tab on the left

  5. Please make sure you complete and bring all of these forms before arriving at the Camp Check-in.

    Participation Agreement, Medical information and Release / Waiver Forms

    Swimming Waiver Form Allows participant to enjoy a recreational swim during breaks between sessions.

    Concussion Form (new state law requires parents or guardians to complete this form prior to camp participation)

    Please review the following "WHAT TO BRING" list.

  6. A. We cannot allow sport drinks or sodas on the field due to the problems with bacteria control. If you bring sport drinks please keep them on the cement area by the field or in the bleacher area.

    B. For similar reasons we don't allow dogs or other pets on the field facility. Please leave Fido at home when you come to watch a session.

    C. All campers (Day and Overnight) are provided meals, (lunch or dinner), as appropriate between sessions. Overnight campers also receive breakfast at 8:00 AM each morning.

    D. Please bring appropriate footwear for dining. The dining hall doesn't allow cleats to be worn inside. Flip flops are acceptable.


    What to Bring to Camp...
    All Players:
    ___Stick(s) and repair materials if available
    ___Mouth guard
    ___Cup (optional but recommended)
    ___Moulded Cleats
    ___Tennis shoes or sandals (must have during meals)
    ___Extra socks
    ___Bathing suit & Towel  
    ___Sun screen

    Field Players (Attack, Midfield, Defense):
    ____Shoulder pads
    ____Arm guards

    ___Throat guard
    ___Chest Protector

    Overnight Campers: (Submitted as a suggested guide, not requirement!)
    ___ Shorts (3 minimum)
    ___ Tees (3 minimum)
    ___ Under Armor (2) (shirts and shorts that "wick" moisture away from the body.)
    ___ Flip flops or sandals
    ___ Pillow & Bed cover (nothing like having your own stuff!)
    ___ Towel and Toiletries (tooth brush, tooth paste, pimple cream...don't forget the hair gel)
    ___ Food for snacks and bribing coaches!
    ___ Spending money for junk food at the dining hall or cool Griffin Lax Shorts! ($________)
    ___ Please remember, bring iPods and other valuables/electronics at your own risk. We haven't had problems at past camps, the dorm buildings are locked at all times, but occasionally we find a player fails to lock his dorm room when heading out to a session.

    Daily Schedule 


  • Morning Field Session 9:00- 11:30

  • Lunch Break 11:30- 1:00

  • Afternoon Field Session 1:00- 3:30

  • Note 1: The Junior Camp ends at 3:30pm each day (Mon-Wed) - Players will be on the field until 3:20 and will remain on the field or on the HWAC lobby, (just north of the field).
  • Note 2: In Park City, we'll supervise players at the field from one hour prior to our first game until the end of our last game.
  • Note 3: Parents are expected to arrange transportation to the field sites. A schedule and directions to the fields is available on the ULA web site. *Game schedules will be posted on the ULA web site about a week before the tournament (www.utahlax.org.)
  • Note 4:  Information will be compiled Monday night and handed out Tuesday morning to facilitate carpooling where needed.  If you'd like to work with other parents to carpool please let us know via an e-mail before 6:00 PM Monday, June 10th.  (griffinlax@westerminstercollege.edu)
  • Indoor Session 3:30- 4:30 - (Note: College Prep Camp Only)

  • Dinner Break 4:30-6:00 - (Note: College Prep Camp Only)

  • Evening Field Session 6:00- 8:00 - (Note: College Prep Camp Only)

    * Meals provided between paid Sessions