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Elementary I-II Level

Upper Elementary Montessori

The Upper Elementary program is available to students who have already completed all methods courses for the Lower Elementary program at Westminster or another MACTE-approved program.  If the student has already completed a year-long practicum as part of the Lower Elementary credential, the student does not need to do another practicum for the Upper Elementary credential.
Summer – 8 weeks
Elementary II Grammar
Elementary II Language Arts & Literature
Elementary II History
Elementary II Geography
Elementary II Arithmetic
Elementary II Geometry
Elementary Arts Infusion
Fall Semester
Elementary Special Education           
Elementary Seminars and Projects III
Elementary Student Teaching Practicum I (if needed)
Spring Semester
Elementary II Biology           
Elementary Physical Science 
Elementary Seminars and Projects IV
Elementary Student Teaching Practicum II (if needed)
Summer – 1 week
Written & Oral Examinations
Additional courses required for a Master's degree with the AMS credential:
MED 650: Introduction to Research Methods (summer)
MED 679: Research Methodologies (fall)

MED 680: Research Project (spring)
And choose one elective from these MED courses:
MED 606: Theoretical Perspectives in Education

MED 610: Sociocultural Contexts for Learning

MED 620: English Learners, Family and Community

Or another course with permission of the program director