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Westminster's Montessori Administration Program

Admission requirements

  1. Baccalaureate degree.
  2. Applicants must meet one or more of the following three criteria:
    - Must hold an approved and valid state license or certificate for school administration
    - Be a currently practicing or experienced school administrator with at least three years experience as an administrator; or
    - Be in process of completing a state recognized collegiate program leading to license as a school administrator or equivalent required by state/school.
  3. Applicants must be able to present demonstrated administrative ability including school finance, legal, licensing, curriculum administration, personnel and supervision, program planning, and evaluation.

Program requirements

  1. Montessori Foundations and Theories 
  2. At least 200 other clock hours of study chosen from the Montessori teacher education courses
  3. Administrative practicum.  A year-long practicum as an administrator in a Montessori school
  4. Final exams and colloquium