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Achievements in Public Health

Achievements in Public Health


The dramatic achievements of Public Health in the 20th century have improved our quality of life: an increase in life expectancy, world wide reduction in infant and child mortality, and the elimination or reduction of many communicable diseases.

Since 1900, the average life expectancy for Americans has increased by about 30 years. Over twenty-five of the 30 years can be accredited to public health initiatives, while medical advances account for less than 4 years.

The 20th Century's Ten Great Public Health Achievements in the US

  1. vaccinations
  2. motor-vehicle safety
  3. safer workplaces
  4. control of infectious disease
  5. decline in deaths from coronary heart disease
  6. safer and healthier foods
  7. healthier mothers and babies
  8. family planning
  9. fluoridation of drinking water
  10. recognition of tobacco use as a health hazard