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Staff Resources


Eccles HWAC Staff Training - September 19th 2014 - 8-10pm. This is required for anyone who works in the building in any capacity.

Outdoor Program Staff Training - October 21st, 2014 - 7:30pm. This is required for anyone who works with the Outdoor Program.

Outdoor Orientation Reunion - October 28th, 2014 - 7:30pm. We hope all Outdoor Orientation staff and participants from any year will attend!


*You must be logged out of gmail to access these forms through the Westminster Google Drive portal, you may even have to open a new browser. Use your regular Westminster login.

Trip Leader Process

Trip Leader Request Form - This form requires a Westminster Login and is shared only with current and prospective trip leaders. Please contact us if you're interested in getting involved and we can tell you about the process!

Bishop Outdoor Leadership Fund Application - This fund is for those interested in developing their own outdoor and leadership skills and contributing what they learn to the Outdoor Program. Please talk with Outdoor Program Directors about your eligibility if you're interested. 

Personal Adventure Fund - This fund is to support students in planning and implementing epic personal adventures that deepen skills and understanding that they already might have through experiences with the Outdoor Program. 

Outdoor Program Trip Staff Schedule - This is the current semester's staff schedule for trips, trainings, and important events.

Outdoor Trip Paperwork - This is all of the trip planning documents for trip leaders to use before trips.

Climbing Wall Staff Schedule - This is for current climbing wall staff.

Outdoor Program Office Schedule - This is for current office staff.