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Audits/ Credit/No Credit

Auditing Courses and Credit/No Credit Options


Auditing Courses

Students may elect to audit courses at Westminster according to the guidelines listed below. Courses that are entered on students' permanent records as audited (AU) earn no credit and fulfill no requirements.

Regular Audit

Students may register for a regular audit (one-half of credit tuition) according to the following guidelines:

  • Subject to space availability, students may sign up to audit a class on the first day of class.
  • Students wishing to audit an activity course such as a physical education, art, theater, writing, or computer science course must obtain written permission from the instructor.
  • Only students accepted to Masters degree programs may audit graduate classes.
  • Students who are not nursing majors may audit nursing courses with permission of the instructor.

Alumni Audit

Students who graduated from Westminster in the past and who are not currently pursuing a degree may register for an alumni audit ($100 per class) according to the following guidelines:

  • Students must register through the Director of Alumni. Registrations accepted by the director will be verified the first day of class and are subject to space availability.
  • Because an audit of an activity course such as a physical education, art, theater, writing, or computer science course requires the instructor's approval, the Director of Alumni will contact instructors for permission.
  • Only students who have a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Westminster may audit MBA classes as alumni. Students may audit Master of Education and Master of Professional Communication classes with permission of the instructor.

Credit/No Credit Option

Students may elect to take a maximum of two courses that would normally require letter grades on a credit/no credit basis. Courses taken in this way may not be applied to majors or minors. Students who declare a major or minor in a given subject after having taken a course in that subject on a credit/no credit basis may be required by their major or minor department to retake the course for a letter grade.

There are no limits on Westminster courses that are offered exclusively on a credit/no credit basis, and, when they occur in majors or minors, they may be used in those majors or minors.

Students who take courses credit/no credit must perform work at the level of C- or higher to receive credit. Grades of credit/no credit are not included in GPA calculations.

To elect the credit/no credit option, you need to fill out the form available in the Registrar's Office (Bamberger Hall, second floor) and leave it in our office. Because students have approximately seven weeks to make this decision, there are no exceptions to the deadline and forms will not be accepted past the deadline. The credit-no credit option may not be changed after the deadline, except in cases where students change majors or minors and the major or minor department does not require that the course be taken again for a letter grade.

Please check the Academic Calendar to learn deadlines for electing a class Credit/No Credit.