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By Nancy Pfeifer





Retired from the Sweetwater School District in Wyoming, Lucille Lampman Giorgis ('37) stays busy as an active member of the Young at Heart Senior Center and the United Church of Christ. Lucille plays the keyboard for Senior Rhythm and sings in the choir. She and her husband, Dominick, also boast three great-granddaughters.





Congratulations to George Hall ('51) and Winifred Pittman Hall ('52), who recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. They were married in the Wasatch Presbyterian Church on June 2, 1952, and hosted their reception on the Westminster College campus in Ferry Hall.



If you thought Frank Slater ('56) had slowed down, think again! Busier than ever, he reports on this year's events: "I made it to four mountain man ("buckskinner") events in the spring and then in June headed north to a big one near Paisley, Oregon.From there I drifted up through the Lolo Pass to Great Falls to visit my family there, including Frank SlaterLincoln Anderson ('50). In September, my wife, Julia, and I went on a 30-day Amtrak pass that took us from here (Emeryville) to Chicago and on to Boston for a few days with our nephew, Tim Anderson, and his family.From there we went down to the Washington, D.C., area to visit the Gettysburg battlefield and attend a day of the Antietam re-enactment. Scheduling made it necessary to leave D.C. at a reasonable hour, and we spent the rest of the day in New York City. I saw some sights there that I never believed would be my pleasure to see: for example, the Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry, the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, and Times Square. From there we were off to Montreal for a couple of nice days. Toronto was next, then on across miles of flat land to Jasper (we loved this place), Prince George, and Prince Rupert. We left the rails behind and took a ferry down to Port Hardy, then a bus to Vancouver. Next was a quick overnight in Seattle and finally home in 30 days flat. I played Santa again in San Jose, and it was a rougher year than I had ever believed it could be. The area that my mall is in is economically depressed, and so are the people. I had visits from a lot of folks who had to bring their children to see Santa but did not have the funds to afford the picture. I had to give away a whole bunch of the special bells to those who needed a spiritual lift."





Jose Vasquez ('65) and his wife Miki have lived in California for the past 26 years. Jose works as a clinical social worker in private practice in San Rafael, California. He is also employed by Marin County Health & Human Services, Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Division, as a planner and evaluator.



Westminster College would like to send a special remembrance to the family of Earl W. Rubright ('67). He died suddenly while he and his wife, Sharon Moore Rubright ('67), were preparing to transit the Panama Canal on the beginning of their five-year sail around the world.Earl and Sharon had been married for 35 wonderful years. Sharon wrote about her husband,"Earl lived life to the fullest each day and was loved and respected by friends and business associates around the world. We celebrate his life and ask that those of you who knew him and know his sister, Barbara Jo Rubright VanRoosendaal ('67), remember him with a smile. Hug your loved ones every day, and be sure to tell them how precious they are." Sharon would love to hear from old friends at




A church by Larry BiddleLarry Biddle ('68) reports, "I thought some of my former classmates might be interested to know that I have taken up my painting again (I attended Westminster on an art scholarship) and have had some degree of success with my paintings of southwestern scenes and New Mexican churches. I also do portrait painting (though not as well as my old professor, Don Doxey) and still life. Some of my work may be seen on the Internet at, which is the Web site for the Art Is OK gallery here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Another painting of a church by Larry BiddleWith respect to my day job, on September 19, 2002, I received lifetime certification as a Certified Purchase Manager by the Institute for Supply Management, Inc. I am very honored to have received this certification after 30 years in procurement, first with the government and now with Honeywell FM&T."






Currently residing in Austin, Texas, Ron Gipson ('72) has been married to his wife, Dorothy, for nearly 30 years. They have four children (ages 29, 26, 21, and 16). Ron reports that he is enjoying life.



Janet Lindsay Dyer ('75) remains happily married to her husband, Robert, and is still a practicing RN. Janet reports, "I firmly believe that Westminster College provided me with a superior education. I was better prepared for the nursing world than were my friends who attended the University of Utah. I am currently a critical care charge nurse working in special procedures in radiology at a top 100 hospital that recently achieved magnet status. I have loved my career and thank all those who helped me achieve my goal."






David Hartzell eats fireDavid Hartzell ('79) was featured in an article in the January 2003 issue of Business Week Investor magazine; he was even photographed eating fire for the cover. The article, written by Lewis Braham, profiles some of the country's top private investment professionals, including David, who is president of Cornell Capital Management. When David was 15, he joined the circus and spent two summers learning how to juggle, eat fire, and walk the tightrope. Now juggling accounts instead of fire, David manages $15 million in assets from his home northeast of Buffalo, New York.









Marine Corps Lieutenant Craig D. Ross ('80) is currently on a six-month deployment to U.S. Marine Forces Central Command on the island kingdom of Bahrain while assigned to Marine Forces Pacific, Camp Smith, Hawaii.



Christine Cook Florence ('81) has been named Director of Marketing Communications at the State University of New York College at Brockport. She began her duties at SUNY Brockport on January 6, 2003, having formerly worked for Stantec Consulting Inc. in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she was responsible for developing and monitoring the company's marketing and public relations program. Christine served as a past president and founding member of the Society of Marketing Professional Services of Utah and a past president-elect of the International Association of Business Communicators in Rochester, New York.



Thirteen years is how long Kimberli Sacos ('87) has been working in the glass industry. She is employed as an office manager by AFGD Inc., a glass wholesaler and manufacturing company. Kimberli has been married and divorced; she has one son, Trent D. Slaymaker, who is ten years old. Currently buying her home, she has landscaped her entire front yard. Kimberli writes that she loves spending time gardening.





Joyce Anderson Gaufin ('90) has been appointed to serve as the first Executive Director of the newly formed Great Basin Public Health Leadership Institute, which is a collaborative project between Nevada and Utah.



This year held many big changes for Elizabeth Archuleta ('94). She completed her dissertation and graduated with a Ph.D. in English from Pennsylvania State University in May 2002. She is now working as an assistant professor of American & Native American Literature at the University of New Mexico. After a two-year engagement, Elizabeth and Ralph Paglia were finally married on December 26, 2002. Their rottweiler, Haley, joins them in their new hometown, where they are enjoying the pleasure of home ownership rather than the cramped lifestyle of apartment living. For those of you who know Elizabeth, she invites you to keep up with her new endeavors and send her an e-mail at to say hello.



After he retired from working as a Utah Highway Patrol Sergeant in December 2000, Kerry Zdunich ('95) became self-employed as a contract investigator for the Fifth District Court of St. George, Utah.



In addition to her full-time job as counselor for Smith Middle School in Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, JoAnne Ellsworth ('97) also serves on the faculty of University of Phoenix where she teaches both counseling and education courses. All three of JoAnne's children are enrolled in Arizona colleges.



Jonathan G. Jemming ('97), who will graduate from law school in 2004, is the 2003 recipient of the S. J. Quinney College of Law O'Hara Honors Program in Natural Resource Law. This program, which consists of a cash award, a tuition benefit, and employment with the Utah Attorney General's office, is awarded each year to an outstanding student in the area of natural resources law. The Honors Program is named for Patrick O'Hara, an alumnus of the College of Law and a former attorney in the natural resources division of the Attorney General's office. Patrick died in an automobile accident in 2000. The O'Hara Honors Program was established to honor Patrick and create an opportunity for outstanding law students to hone their expertise in natural resources law and to provide public service to the citizens of Utah.



Sebrena Kruletz ('97) married Joseph Banecker of Media, Pennsylvania, on April 26, 2003, at the St. Marguerite Parish in Tooele, Utah. After graduating from Westminster with her nursing degree, Sebrena obtained a Fertility Care Practitioner education from the Pope Paul IV Institute. She worked in the University of Utah Hospital's maternal newborn unit as a Registered Nurse and at the Department of Family and Preventative Medicine as a research assistant. After honeymooning on a Caribbean cruise, Sebrena and Joseph made their home in Overlake, Washington.



Jack Minshew ('97) is currently enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Nevada, Reno, where he is studying counseling psychology.



Eileen Lloyd ('98) recently received her Master of Education from the University of Phoenix, Las Vegas campus. Not only did she receive her master's degree while teaching full time, but she was pregnant, her husband was out of town for six months of her pregnancy, and she was taking care of their eight-year-old without any help. Four days after giving birth to a beautiful daughter, Symantha, Eileen continued her classes so that she could graduate on time. Eileen completed her action research project and 100-page thesis weeks later. Her thesis and action research project were on school uniforms, and she implemented school uniforms and opened up a uniform store in her school. While earning her master's degree, Eileen also completed her ESL endorsement. She graduated with a 4.0 GPA in August 2002 and attended the ceremony on April 26, 2003. Eileen currently teaches second grade at an at-risk school in North Las Vegas and is working on a Reading Endorsement.



Working as a commissioned Bank Examiner for the FDIC and as a Director for the Utah Law Enforcement Credit Union doesn't leave Misti Allen Spencer ('98) with much time on her hands. However, she and her husband, Jonathan Spencer ('98), did find time to celebrate the birth of their first child, a girl.






Congratulations to Lucas Hill ('00), who was admitted into the master's program in Information Resources and Library Science at the University of Arizona, where he will start in the fall of 2003.



Sheree Negus ('00) will be running her first marathon on October 5, 2003, in Portland, Oregon, in honor of the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society with Team-in-Training. Sheree writes, "I do everything late. I had my youngest child at age 42, graduated in 2000 at age 44 . . . I'm running my first marathon at age 47 (and a half) . . . Who knows what the future holds?"



The graduate program in English Studies at Western Washington University is where Natalie Martinez ('00) has been spending her time since graduating from Westminster. She has also been awarded a two-year teaching assistantship and stipend. She reports that she enjoys teaching 24 students each quarter in critical thinking and writing. She will graduate spring 2003 with a Master of Arts in English Studies and plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Literature. Natalie says that, "In the meantime, I am enjoying being close to the mountains and the rain, of course!"



Shannon Boyle ('02) recently began her first year of law school at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She worked as an extern with District Judge Jackie Glass during the summer of 2003. She also became engaged to Trent Richards ('01) on July 4, 2002. Trent is a Marine Reservist with the 23rd Marines and was working on his MBA at Westminster when he was activated and sent to Camp Pendleton, California, where he served until he was deployed to Kuwait.His family and friends all wish him well and a safe homecoming. Shannon and Trent's wedding plans are on hold until he returns.



Delayne Reamsbottom ('02) has recently taken on the responsibility of Business Project Manager with Affiliated Computer Systems, Inc. (ACS). He will be responsible for the integration of an accounts payable interface into the many business units of Ingersoll Rand, giving Ingersoll Rand an opportunity to outsource its payables to ACS.


In Remembrance


Phyllis J. Gessert Plog ('36)

Margaret M. Hale Todd ('36)


Robert George Grimmer ('40)

Roberta Welsh Manion ('41)

Norman R. Chown ('48)


John Contento ('50)

Charles C. Marksheffel ('56)


Robert H. Jensen ('60)

Sherry Cogswell McMurtry ('64-'65)

Earl W. Rubright ('67)


Earl W. Rubright ('73)

Wendy Edwards Rice ('74)

Richard M. Jepperson ('75)

Gisela Keutel ('75)

Alan D. Westrope ('75)

Vincent W. Wheeler, III ('76)

Helen A. Kennedy Martin ('79)

Earl H. Todd, Jr. ('79)


Barbara C. Tyler ('85)


Nonna Amelia Christensen ('90)

Phyllis J. Olson ('90)

Jerrell C. Daniel ('91)

Stefan R. Hubble ('92)

Andrew Irby ('92)

Kory C. Bond ('97)

Melissa Welch Curtis ('97)