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What to Expect in an Advising Appointment



START Center advisors want to get to know you as an individual and will be asking questions about how you're doing, how you like Westminster, what your academic plans are, etc. Your answers let us know what is important to you and how we can help you as an individual.

During your advising appointment, your advisor will ask you about your current classes - how you like them and how you are doing in them. If you are having any difficulty, we want to discuss some of the reasons for this and what action you can take to improve your grades. Your advisor may refer you to services and resources on campus designed to help you with these challenges.

Prior to your appointment, your advisor will have reviewed your academic file and your current Degree Audit. The Degree Audit is a summary of what courses you have taken and what courses you have left to complete.

You can expect your advisor to be knowledgeable about degree and major/minor requirements. To help keep you on track, your advisor will discuss next semester's options and your long term academic plans with you.

Your advisor will answer your questions about the registration process and explain how to use WebAdvisor.
Expect your advisor to answer your questions or know who to ask!