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Ways to Prepare for Your Advising Appointment



You will accomplish much more in your advising appointments if you prepare in advance, just as you prepare for a class. This is your chance to get your questions answered, share your thoughts with a peer, staff, or faculty advisor who will help you with information and advice so you can make an academic plan leading to graduation. Here are some tips to help you prepare for each advising meeting:


  • Call the START Center at 801.832.2280 or your faculty advisor to make an appointment.
  • Read "Your Role in the Advising Process" for further information.
  • Review "What to Expect in the Advising Appointment
    This will help you understand the advisor's role and expectations.
  • Review how you are doing in your courses, since your advisor will ask about your progress. What grades/feedback have you received so far? Which class is your hardest? Which do you enjoy the most and why? Did you receive any midterm early warnings? What are your GPA goals for this semester?
  • If your advisor is in the START Center, it is because you are a first year student or have not yet declared a major. Your advisor may ask you about your major choice plans and discuss how you can begin major exploration. You may declare a major or request a faculty advisor at any time. Check out the Career Resource Center website for ideas.
  • Review your Liberal Education requirements to determine which courses you still need to take. Ask your advisor questions to clarify these requirements and discuss how these courses can be used to help you explore various majors.
  • Review the Schedule of Classes for next semester using WebAdvisor and bring a list of possible courses you might want to take with you to the appointment.
  • Bring your planner, and your academic folder in which you keep important documents related to your degree to the appointment.
  • Bring your list of questions with you!