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3 - Choose Your First Courses

Choose Your First Courses

This guide will help you prepare some sample schedules to bring with you to your advising appointment. Fill in the following information and follow the steps outlined here and you're on your way to your first semester at Westminster!

My Interest Area (from Pathfinder Guide 1 back page) is: __________.

My Academic Profile (from Pathfinder Guide 2) indicates I should select the following classes:

__________                                                             __________
English                                                                       Math

1. Locate your Interest Category (science/nursing or undeclared/business/humanities/education)column on the Selecting Liberal Education Classes chart. Using this column and your placement information above as your guide, select a class option and fill in the "My Choice" column in each row. Check the online Academic Catalog to read the course description.

2. All first year students are required to participate in a Learning Community (LC) either Fall or Spring semester. See the Learning Community booklet.

3. Using the online class schedule, build a few class schedules on the schedule worksheet. Some Sample Freshman Schedules are listed. For example, if you want to take a Learning Community (LC) for Introduction to Psychology and Composition and Research, fill in the first two lines of your schedule sheet like this:

Dept   Course   Section #   Course Title       Times        M T W Th F   Credit

PSYC   105       01LC        Intro to Psyc    2:00-3:50pm     X      X           4             

ENGL   110       01LC       Comp & Res   12:00-1:50pm    X      X           4


Just continue adding other courses you have schedules that add up to between 12 and 16 credit hours (full time status). Your advisor will discuss your selections at your appointment.