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Information Literacy Requirement

The Information Literacy Program at Westminster College

A self-guided, online program for library and research skills

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to take this program?

Maybe! This program is required for all transfer, honors, and returning students entering Westminster College who did not take ENGL 110 at Westminster College, and all returning students who took ENGL 110 at Westminster College more than 5 years ago.

Why do I have to take this program?

Students who take ENGL 110 at Westminster College are given four hours of instruction introducing them to the wide array of resources and services offered by the Giovale Library—resources and services that, as you progress in your major, enable you to understand the academic work of your discipline. The Library regularly meets with students who have not had the benefit of this instruction and who are confused and frustrated at the research demands their faculty are placing on them. This program helps to ensure that, as a transfer, honors, or returning student, you are on an even playing field with your peers. 

How do I complete the program? 

The Canvas course contains an interactive online tutorial and four corresponding reviews. Each review must be completed with 75% or better. Students can take the reviews as many times as necessary; the highest score will count.

What do I need to do after I complete the program? 

Weekly lists of students who have successfully completed the course are sent to the registrar’s office and the Start Center. You do not have to do anything once you have finished.

Am I being graded?

No. The program is “pass/fail”, and your performance will not show up on your transcripts. You must, however, complete the program in order to graduate.

How long does the program take? 

That’s up to you. The program is self-directed and self-paced so you decide which unit you want to work on first and how much exploring you want to do in the unit. You can work on the program whenever you like and from anywhere that you have Internet access, You can enter and exit the program as you please; you do not need to do it all at one sitting. At the maximum, there is not more than 5 hours of material altogether, and most students complete the program in less time than that. 

How do I enroll?

You will be automatically enrolled during your first semester at Westminster . If you are required to take this program and do not see it listed when you log in to Canvas, contact either Chloe Barnett, 801.832.2266, or Emily Swanson, 801.832.2257.

Where can I go for help? 
Contact Chloe Barnett, 801.832.2266, or Emily Swanson, 801.832.2257,