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Greg Myers

Name: Gregory Myers
Hometown: Boise, ID
Major: Aviation Management   Minor: Flight Operations
Hobbies: flying, tennis, rock climbing, golf, backpacking

Westminster College has offered Gregory Myers experiences he could not have found elsewhere. From the education, campus life to classroom environment—the overall experience has been one he enjoys and hopes to share with others.

Greg developed a passion for aviation at a young age. He had always been fascinated in planes and loved flying. After taking an introductory flight, he knew he wanted to become a pilot. The experience was exhilarating, and he found it was a way to take your earth-bound stresses and put them into perspective. It was a feeling he wanted to share.

“I want to someday convince people that an airport is not just concrete and vendors, but a portal that will carry us into a new century of flight,” he says.

Going into college, Greg knew he wanted a career in the aviation industry. When deciding between aviation schools though, he felt something was missing—a business focus. In high school, Greg gained an interest for business and started paying attention to the airport as a business entity. “I was astonished with all of the work that went on,” he says.

He decided that a career in aviation management best suited him. It was this career path that made Westminster the perfect choice.

Few colleges in the nation offer a degree in aviation management. Westminster’s programs, quality of education and beauty made it stand out. The university’s focus on liberal arts offers a breadth of education compared to other institutions. “I’d get a well-rounded education, but I’d also study what I really wanted to study,” he says.

Greg now holds a Private Pilot License and is more than halfway through his Instrument Rating. After fulfilling his flight operations minor he will focus on aviation management. Currently, he is in the process of securing a fall internship with the Salt Lake international Airport. “Without the classes that are taught here combining aviation and business, there is no way I could compete for this internship,” he says.

Starting college was an intimidating experience—Westminster is nearly 350 miles away from home. Greg jumped into it excited and open-minded though. The opportunity to live on campus has proved to be a rewarding experience and made for an easier transition. With great resident advisors (RA) and roommates, Greg quickly adjusted to college life. “It’s a scary experience,” he recalls. “But by the first day, I had my best friends and made friends that I have now.”

Greg commends Westminster’s efforts in helping students settle during the first few weeks. One of his fondest college memories is playing capture the flag during freshman orientation. “At that point,” he says. “I met an amazing amount of people. People I still know today.”

As one of the few students assigned to upperclassman housing since freshman year, Greg has lived in an apartment-style room with five roommates. For the 2009-10 academic year, Greg will be an RA in one of the upperclassman halls. “I want to give back,” he says. “I feel like the community here, at Westminster, really helped me feel for what college was like, get me settled and take that stress off.”

Greg has been enjoying his college experience and considers Westminster one of his best decisions—as it has catered to his needs from an academic and social standpoint. Westminster offers a breadth of education, personalized attention and a sense of community.

After freshman year, Greg was invited to attend a student panel at his high school—sharing college experiences with seniors. He realized that his college experience, in comparison to students from a larger university, is more personalized. In classes that rarely exceed 25 students, his courses are more engaging and he is on a first-name basis with his professors. “You can’t really get that out of a big school,” he says.

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