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Technology and Learning

Technology and Learning

Too often educators have either ignored technology or embraced it uncritically. Westminster does neither. Instead we use technology in ways that open students to new opportunities and deepen their learning. Our approach to learning underlies the technological resources available to faculty, staff, and students.

• The Best Open Learning Resources—The Internet is filled with learning resources, some of them terrific, others terrible. Here (link) you can find our list of the best open learning materials on the web-- sites that provide reputable content that leads to actual learning.

• Westminster’s Best Uses of Technology—Many Westminster faculty and staff use technology to powerful learning ends. Their work is chronicled here.

• Best Practices on Learning with Technology—Neither the newest technology nor the richest content guarantee learning. Instead, learning comes from students’ active engagement with the material. You can find ideas on how to create active learning in technology-rich settings here.